Alternative Fishing Methods. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Dr James Wood) is leading on a study to investigate the potential for local pot fishermen to diversify within their traditional fishing grounds and target under-utilised species in the area (i.e. Holderness coast, E. Yorkshire). The study will test the potential of alternative fishing methods, such as flat-fish traps, squid fishing and trammel nets. This work is being carried out in collaboration with local fishermen from the Holderness Fishing Industry Group.

Sourcing pot bait locally. Dr Wood will also seek to evaluate the potential for fishermen to catch pelagic fish locally, for use as bait for their traditional crustacean fishery.

The holding photographs below will be updated in 2018 as this project is completed.

This project was financed by Ørsted as an agreed donation which forms part of a co-existence plan between the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm and local fishermen.