Made in Mourne

MADE in Mourne is a ‘Creative community space’ project based in Kilkeel, the fishing capital of Northern Ireland. It is an initiative established by local business community leaders (including ANIFPO) and is co-financed by the West of Morecambe Fisheries Ltd (WOMF), The Newry Rural Development Programme and Newry, Mourne and Downe District Council.

The company aims to stimulate and foster opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the local community, by providing them with support in their professional development and creating an environment that promotes peer support and strong networking.

Link to MADE in Mourne website

This project was financed by Ørsted as a Voluntary Donation in recognition of the co-operation received from the Northern Irish fishermen during the construction and operation of the Walney Extension offshore wind farm. Photography by Scott Kershaw (