Hornsea Tractor

The eight fishing vessels in Hornsea are all launched from the beach. The fishermen rely on tractors to haul their vessels from the nearby fishing compound down to the water and to recover them again at the end of the day. Each vessel has it’s own tractor, but if a tractor breaks down, which is an unavoidable hazard of working in such a harsh environment, it’s vessel may be unable to put to sea, causing the crew to lose a day’s income; or may have difficulty getting off the beach, putting the vessel at risk.

This funding helps towards the purchase a tractor and winch, which is to be jointly managed by all of the fishermen of Hornsea as a back-up in the event that one of their individual vehicles breaks down. This will ensure all vessels can always be sure of getting safely in and out of the water. Looking forwards, the managment, maintenance and ongoing costs of operating the tractor are to be met by the Hornsea fishermen.

The holding photographs below will be updated once this project is completed.

This project was financed by Ørsted as an agreed donation which forms part of a co-existence plan between the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm and local fishermen.