Cold Store Barrow in Furness

A number of boats operate from Barrow, mooring up at the back of the Dock Museum. The fishermen’s catch is shipped off to be sold in Fleetwood when it arrives on land and has to be transported to Fleetwood Fish Market. The fishermen had to buy ice to keep it fresh during the fishing and transportation process. This was an uneconomical procedure, which was reliant on an outside third party. With the installation of the new ice plant (which also acts as a refrigeration unit), approximately 750kg of ice can be produced per day thereby reducing the risk of loss of catch. This also has an addition benefit that the association and its members are compliant with Food Hygiene regulations.

This process has had a huge impact on the local fishing industry, ensuring that catches are kept cool and fresh whilst being transported to Fleetwood. Currently the Association has ten members, but with the improved facility there are opportunities to recruit more members who in the long term will have a positive outcome for the association and for the local economy.

This project was financed as a voluntary donation jointly made by the Walney, West of Duddon Sands and Ormonde offshore wind farms.