The West of Morecambe Fisheries Ltd and what we do

We are a not-for-profit UK company established in 2013, funded by the owners of several UK offshore wind farms.

We manage funding provided by offshore wind farm owners. These funds are used to finance, set up and support Community Projects that are of direct benefit to the fishing industry that operates in the same areas as the wind farms. We work closely with relevant sectors of the fishing industry to identify suitable Fishing Community Projects.

Why we provide support for Fishing Community Projects

Support for West of Morecambe Fisheries Ltd, and the funds it manages, are generally provided voluntarily by the Offshore Wind Farm supporters.  Some funds are also provided, which are part of more formal agreements between the fishermen and the wind farm owners. These agreements may be established for example; when there may be a need for spatial clearances of fishing gear /fishing activities required for pre-construction surveys /construction or for ongoing co-existance agreements.

Our donors, the offshore wind farm owners, believe that providing support for Projects in Fishing Communities affected by offshore wind farms is both good business practice and in line with Corporate and Social Responsibilities.

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