Fishing Community Projects funded to date (an overview)

Fleetwood (under 10m) fishermen (Dockside winch) 2015

Hornsea Fishermen (Back-up tractor) 2018


Maryport Fishermen (Forklift) 2016

Whitehaven Fishermen’s Cooperative (Refrigerated vehicle and forklift) 2017

Maryport Fishing Company Ltd (Ice machine and chiller) 2014

Northern Ireland (Fishermen’s Professional Training) 2017

Fleetwood inshore fishermen (Community shellfish storage tanks) 2018

East Yorkshire (Safety equipment) 2019

Holderness Coast (Crustacean stock research) 2017

Barrow in Furness Fishermen (Cold store) 2014

Fleetwood Whelk Fishermen 2016

Barrow in Furness (Dockside crane) 2018

NIFPO (New meeting room in Portavogie) 2018

Holderness Fishing Industry Group (Scientific Officer) 2018

East Irish Sea Fishermen’s Group (Safety equipment) 2016

Northern Irish Fish Producers Organisation (Two forklifts) 2017

The Kilkeel Strategic Partnership (Project officer) 2015

MADE in Mourne Ltd 2017

East Yorkshire Fishermen (Aquarium Expert) 2016

Wirral (Merseyside) Fishermen 2016

Whitehaven Fishermen’s Cooperative (Shoreside fish handling equipment) 2018

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Fisheries Diversification Study) 2018

Morecambe and Heysham Fishermen (Safety equipment) 2015 and 2018

Whitehaven Fishermen’s Co-operative Ltd (Fuel facility) 2014

Fleetwood fishermen’s mission (Funds for building upgrades and repairs) 2018

Irish Sea Fishermen (Feasibility Study) 2016

Hornsea fishermen (Workshop and vessel maintenance facility) 2019

Sea Source Processing Ltd, Kilkeel (Fish processing equipment) 2017 and 2018

Sea Source Processing (Packaging machine and refrigerated van) 2015 and 2016

Northern Irish Fish Producers Organisation (Offshore safety training) 2015

Fishermen’s Training Facility and Mission, Portavogie (Building upgrades) 2017 and 2018

Sea Source (Offshore) Ltd (Funds for certification) 2015

The Wash Shrimp Fishermen (Funds for MSC assessment) 2016

Holderness Coast Fishermen (Research Vessel) 2014

West Cumbrian Shellfish Fishermen (Refrigerated vehicle) 2015

Maryport Fishing Company (Solar Panels for building) 2018

Fish Producers Offshore Services (NI) Ltd (Funds for certification) 2017

Bridlington (Lobster Hatchery and Research Facility) 2019

Whitehaven harbour improvements 2018