Wirral (Merseyside) Fishermen (2016)

The Wirral Commercial Fishing Community were awarded funds which have yet to be fully allocated (2016).

Several initiatives have been funded that are benefitting local fishing businesses. These include the purchase of equipment for a fish retail unit, fishing vessel refit and engine replacement, an R.N.L.I. donation to the local station, purchasing equipment for rigging a fishing vessel for whelk fishing and the refurbishment of a fishing vessel hull and decking. Funds have also been provided towards the purchase of a tractor and trailer fitted with a hydraulic lifting arm. The latter is used to lift large bags of cockles caught in the region.

These projects were financed by Ørsted as a package of  Single Business Agreed Donations in return for co-operation of the fishermen during the construction of the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind.

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