Made in Mourne Ltd: creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in the fishing communities of the ‘Kingdom of Mourne’

Awarded funds towards the set up of the ‘Kingdom of Mourne Ltd’ company.

Made in Mourne Ltd is a “Not for Profit” company limited by guarantee and will also be applying for charitable status. Made for Mourne Ltd has a focus on the fishing communities from the ports of Kilkeel and Annalong, i.e. those within the historic “Kingdom of Mourne”.

The company aims to stimulate and foster opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the local community, by providing them with support in their professional development and creating an environment that promotes peer support and strong networking. The underpinning reasoning being that the long term success and development of the “Kingdom of Mourne” community is critically dependant upon creating new opportunities and appropriate support networks for new young people to establish, grow and develop new, fledgling and existing businesses in that community.

Made for Mourne Ltd is an initiative established by local business community leaders (including ANIFPO) and is co-financed by the West of Morecambe Fisheries Ltd (WOMF), The Newry Rural Development Programme and Newry, Mourne and Downe District Council.

Further details to follow as this exciting project develops.

This WOMF donation was supplied by Ørsted in return for co-operation of the fishermen during the construction of the Walney Extension offshore wind farm.

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