Funding for crustacean stock (lobster and crabs) research off the Holderness coast (2017)

The Holderness Coast Fishing Industry Group were awarded funds to continue their field research with the RV Huntress.

The Holderness Fishing Industry Group (HFIG) were awarded funding so that they could continue to undertake their own research into the state and health of the local populations of crabs and lobsters off the Holderness coast, East Yorkshire.

These species are vitally important to the local fisheries based out of Bridlington, Hornsea and Withernsea. The catches of these species generate many £ millions for the local economy as well as providing work for hundreds of fishermen and processors in the local community.

This project was voluntarily financed by Ørsted in recognition of the positive relationship between the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm and local fishermen.

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